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A Dialogue of Healing

Psychotherapy is an interactive, communication-based form of therapy that digs deep into the patient’s moods, thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns. The purpose of psychotherapy is for the therapist to understand and perhaps uncover possible underlying issues that may be causing the symptoms the patient is experiencing, as well as expanding the patient’s overall sense of self-understanding and well-being.

One of the biggest factors determining the effectiveness of psychotherapy is the experiential relationship between the therapist and the patient. The patient’s involvement and interaction in the process is just as important as the therapist’s, and trust and comfort play a huge role in the productivity of the dialogue. At NWPWC, we provide a safe, welcoming and confidential environment which promotes healthy and productive communication.

Psychotherapy is very much like what many would consider counseling. Our team of highly experienced mental health practitioners use a range of techniques to help the patient explore beyond their own reasoning of their current condition or symptoms. The therapist may also suggest alternative behaviors or responses to life’s circumstances which may help to improve the patient’s social and behavioral issues.

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