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Holistic Treatment

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A Lifestyle Approach to Wellness

Holistic treatment is a mind, body and spirit approach to wellness. It is the belief of holistic medicine practitioners that a whole person is made up of interdependent parts, and if one of the parts is not working properly, the entire person’s “wholeness” will be affected. Holistic therapy aims to uncover and repair the patient’s lifestyle imbalances, which may involve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors.

Holistic therapists recognize that often times personal ailments and discomforts stem from mental, emotional or spiritual needs not being met. During holistic healing, every aspect of the person is taken into account. For example, continuous and severe migraines may be the patient’s symptom, but instead of relying solely on medication, the holistic therapist may look at potential lifestyle factors that may be causing the migraines, such as the patient’s sleep regimen, stress level, diet and more. The holistic treatment method might be to modify one or more of these unbalanced lifestyle factors, and may or may not be paired with medicinal healing depending on the therapist’s recommendations.

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