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3 Ways to Grow Your Own Herbs with Limited Space & Budget

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We all know that incorporating more plant foods into our diet poses tremendous benefits, but oftentimes it can be expensive based on where you live and what’s available. Thankfully, many crafty, DIY-gardening connoisseurs out there have lent their creative tricks and tips to help anyone who wants to grow their own herbs. No matter the space – or lack of – that you have available, there is definitely a simple and inexpensive way to grow your own herb garden. You’ll be saving money and eating flavorful, homegrown greens! Here are some of our favorite DIY projects for growing herbs at home:

1) Mason Jar Herb Garden

mason jar garden herbs

Growing your own herbs can be done simply with mason jars. This is an easy way to grow your favorite herbs for cooking and also adding some color and herbal aroma to your house! They can be kept on counter-tops as shown in the photo above, or you can get even craftier by clamping the jars to a board of wood for an indoor or outdoor mason jar garden. There are so many variations to this simple gardening technique, and we invite you to explore mason jar gardening and get your own creative ideas flowing as well.


2) Pallet Garden

pallet garden vertical

Oh, the magical potential of wooden pallets! Pallets come in handy for DIY gardening, as they are often free or very inexpensive and easy to find. They can be used as a planter either vertically or flat on the ground, catering to the space you have available. Pallet gardening is best for plants which don’t need too much space, including herbs and leafy greens or even flowers. Flat pallet gardening and vertical pallet gardening are both cheap and easy ways to incorporate healthy greens and a touch of nature to your outdoor areas, and they are virtually self-sustaining. Just don’t forget to water!

3) Gutter Gardening

gutter gardening image

Gutters often get a bad rap in that they’re always filled with gunk and need to be cleaned out. However, simple gutter materials can be used to make quite and impressive hanging garden, as seen above, or for other indoor or outdoor gutter planting ideas. Whether you’re bolting it to a fence or hanging in any open space you may have, gutter gardening is great for strawberries, leafy greens, herbs and flowers. Gutter material is often very inexpensive, and bonus points if you reuse old material that can be found for free in most cases.  The Seattle Seedling blog offers an easy guide to start this project.




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