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The decision to seek help is an important one. Often, a difficult one. We may believe we should be able to manage life’s challenges on our own. And even when we are ready to reach out for support, we may be confused at where to turn. You’ve come to the right place.

Northwest Psychiatry and Wellness Center has been providing Seattle counseling services since 2007. Our growing association of professionals include prescribing nurse practitioners, psychotherapists and a psychiatrist with a specialization in substance abuse. Our providers have a wide range of education, training and experience including specialists in adult psychiatry, stress management, grief and loss, EMDR, couples counseling and individual psychotherapy.

While we are all independent practitioners, we appreciate working in a collaborative setting. The variety of clinical approaches and therapeutic specialties creates a rich environment enhancing the experience for us collectively and strengthening our capacity to better match a provider to your specific needs.

Whether you’re considering counseling, medication or both, please contact us. We are here to help. Please email for more information or use our message box on our “Contact” page by clicking on the button below.


The professional care you need. The quality of care you deserve.


Each of our providers has over 20 years of experience and all continue to pursue ongoing education and training, targeting best practice standards.


Our providers are dedicated to identifying your unique treatment needs, to developing an individualized treatment plan best suited to your specific goals.


With your permission, our providers will coordinate your care with other members of your healthcare team, ensuring a collaborative approach to your wellness goals.


Your privacy is high priority. All services at NWPWC are strictly confidential. We provide a safe and secure environment in the heart of the West Seattle.


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